Our Mission

We want to help every school that needs us. We have very high expectations and know that our team and customers have collaborated to build something very special, life changing, and enduring.

With this in place, each Kangarootime team member understands the stewardship involved with carrying this out to help change education.

About Us

Scott Wayman, founded Kangarootime in Long Beach, CA in 2015 with a dream to equip all early childhood education providers with the tools they need to more effectively and efficiently do their job.

Scott became passionate about early childhood education at the age of twenty-eight when he unexpectedly had to adopt his youngest brother after their parents passed away. He got a first-hand look at what these providers experience on a day to day basis...especially since he was the parent that was always running late and forgetting to pay his bill on time. Scott developed Kangarootime with the goal of automating the business and alleviating tedious administrative work, so early childhood educators can focus on what really matters… the children.

Scott remains passionate about the success of your company and even though we have plenty of support team representatives, you might even hear him pick up the phone when you call in for some assistance… we can’t stop him, we’ve tried.