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Childcare management software can be a huge asset to your childcare center as it saves you time and automates processes. While there are many software options out there, finding the one that works for you and your center is most important. For a guide to choosing the software right for your center, check out our recent blog post. 

In this webinar, Kangarootime CEO, Scott Wayman, discusses how software can help optimize and improve your childcare center. He gives insight into the time and resources that can be saved by automating various processes while improving staff and parent engagement.

Learn more about Kangarootime’s software and how it can help grow your business in the webinar below. 

Scott Wayman

Genevieve Carbone

Author Genevieve Carbone

Genevieve Carbone is the Head of Marketing at Kangarootime. She has worked in various education sectors for the last ten years in various marketing capacities, with a focus on startups and growth marketing. She oversees all marketing and communications activities at Kangarootime, including our webinar series and frequently contributes to our blog for childcare professionals and early educators.

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