Empower your Childcare Center

Finding modern childcare management solutions can be tricky, but it’s an important aspect of your business when dealing with paper invoices and sign-in sheets can take your employees away from the most important part of their job -- taking care of the children.

With Kangarootime’s state-of-the-art childcare management software, all of your daily operations will be accessible in one convenient place. It is the next generation of childcare management solutions, and we are proud to make the childcare experience better for everyone involved. Kangarootime bridges the communication gap between parents and childcare centers.


Connecting to families has never been easier and implementing our cloud-based mobile application will fast-track your center to more comprehensive communication.

Reliable Revenue

Automating the revenue cycle gives our centers more time for what is important - the children. We will collect every dollar of tuition for you with our automated billing statements ensuring that there are no surprises.


With credentialing reminders, medical alerts and an extra layer of encryption to every message, Kangarootime brings another level of protection to our users.

What you get
Tuition Collection Management

Kangarootime automates your collections process for you. The software is designed to leverage automation and the power of data to help you collect more efficiently.

The added level of connection through the parent app makes the process more transparent so your families will experience greater satisfaction and appreciate the professionalism of your center.

100% Paperless

Paper-based methods are slow, expensive and hard to keep track of. We have modernized the enrollment, payments and record-keeping processes.

Parents simply enter their information when they download the Kangarootime parent app and critical documents can be uploaded by snapping a photo of them.

Centers can onboard just as easily, by downloading the application and moving through the registration process.

Child Check-In and Check-Out

The outdated paper-based method of checking kids in and out of a care center has no place in today's highly digitized world and so we've optimized our application to accomplish this with one keystroke.

The parent app communicates directly with the care center to ensure that children are safely transitioned to an authorized adult. The system maintains daily audit logs and can track check-in and check-out times down to the second.

The app also has an "authorization" feature that allows parents to send an invitation to a grandparent, neighbor or friend to pick up their child in a pinch. Kangarootime will authenticate the new profile and alert the center.

Messaging and Picture Sharing

The Kangarootime messaging feature safely organizes all pictures, chats and emails to remain in a single database. No more fragmented emails and photo sharing via text messages or private Facebook pages. We have carefully designed the messaging engine to deliver discrete group messages and account for read-receipts and message verification.

Picture sharing is safe and secure with no risk of exposing children to unintended viewers.

Employee Management

Kangarootime manages each employee profile. From hours to credentialing, we will assist in keeping you up to speed with your employees.

The internal messaging feature and calendar will be fixtures in each employee's dashboard and will allow directors and owners to communicate initiatives.

Create Clarity for Parents

Our application has been designed to carefully deliver transparency and understanding. Notifications will be sent to the parent app to avoid conflicts or misunderstandings with contracts or days off. Kangarootime provides real-time feedback that will keep parents informed of overtime and fees so there are no surprises.