Childcare management software & child care management solutions

Finding modern child care management solutions can be tricky, but it’s an important aspect of your business, since dealing with paper invoices and sign-in sheets can take your employees away from the most important part of their job -- taking care of the children.

With Kangarootime’s state-of-the-art childcare management software, all of your daily operations will be accessible in one convenient place. It is the next generation of child care management solutions, and we are proud to make the child care experience better for everyone involved. We strive to bridge the communication gap between parents and childcare centers, and our childcare management software enables you to do just that.

If you’re looking for a way to grow your center and provide better service, look no further than Kangarootime’s child care management solutions. Our parent mobile application gives your business the ultimate polish, providing an added sense of trust and comfort to your childcare center. Since we handle all of your billing, parents will receive accurate and timely statements by simply clicking a button.

Think of our software as Uber, and imagine our competitors as yellow taxi cabs. Their software is one-sided, and parents have no way of checking in on their children throughout the day. Our childcare management software is a two-way street, providing a connected experience every step of the way that enables both parties to communicate instantly. Real-time feedback is crucial in child care, and parents will take notice of your commitment to keeping them in the loop.

If you want your child care center to reach new heights, invest in Kangarootime’s modern child care management solutions. Call us today for more information or browse our website to learn about the countless ways that we can make your job easier.