Management Software

Optimise your early learning or OSHC service with Kangarootime’s all-in-one childcare management software.


Kangarootime’s childcare management software can help you stay organised, save money and empower your parents. Keep your early learning or OSHC service running smoothly and efficiently with Kangarootime. 


Stay organised.

Keep all of your important information in one secure place. You’ll no longer need to straddle multiple softwares or fumble through paper files. All of your important information is stored in a centralised location.

Save money.

With Kangarootime’s efficient software, you’ll save money on staffing to complete administrative tasks and also on the cost of paper.

Empower your parents.

Give your parents the ability to upload important documents, set emergency contacts and check their child in each day, taking the administrative burden off of your staff.

Kangarootime’s comprehensive software gives administrators everything they need to ensure their early learning or OSHC business thrives.

Learn how Kangarootime can transform your business.

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