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Kangarootime Software Integrations

Connecting your Childcare Management Software with other parts of your business is important, that’s why Kangarootime offers integrations to help you manage your center more efficiently and save you time. Whether that’s contactless door entry for your parents and staff members or connecting with other important software like finance and accounting, we have you covered. Check out our integrations and schedule a meeting with one of our Product Consultants to learn more.

Give educators the tools to succeed.

Save time with Kangarootime’s integration with Quickbooks. This connection creates an automatic feed between your center’s Kangarootime account and your Quickbooks account. Transaction data that is captured in Kangarootime is automatically synced with your Quickbooks account daily.


Improve parent engagement.

Complete your center’s physical security with Kisi’s seamless integration into Kanagrootime’s platform. Parents and staff are able to gain contactless access to your center using their smartphone.

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Kangarootime is the only CCMS software that offers bidirectional flow of information to and from ChildCareCRM, allowing you to manage your enrollment and waitlist, and keep track of everyone your business touches.

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