Home daycare software

Running a home daycare center can be overwhelming, and there are hundreds of things you have to deal with on a daily basis. Between changing diapers, making lunch, collecting payments, and communicating with parents, it can often feel as if you have no support system.

At Kangarootime, we have been in your shoes and understand how difficult it can be to stay organized without a little help. Our home daycare software is designed for people just like you, and you’ll be amazed at just how much more efficient you’ll be with the help of our technology.

Kangarootime’s home daycare software is designed to make every aspect of your day easier. Plus, using this software in your home daycare also a huge draw for your potential customers. It gives them the reassurance that they’re just one click away from getting in touch with their child. Parents just want to know that their child is safe at all times, and with our advanced software, that will never be an issue.

While our after school program software is perfect for parents, consider the endless benefits that it provides to you as an employer. Our software also handles every aspect of employee management, from tracking hours worked to credentialing. The internal messaging feature allows you to exchange urgent information in seconds, which is essential in the world of childcare.It takes just five minutes for parents to sign up with our digitized enrollment process. After that, the rest is smooth sailing. Parents can use our home daycare software to upload important documents, images, and whatever else they may need to communicate with you. Our software also features emergency medical alerts, credentialing reminders, and dozens of other unique add-ons to make your job easier.

Kangarootime is proud to offer this modern technology to parents and daycare operators, and we look forward to taking your home daycare to another level. Call us today to learn more about our home daycare software.