We are making the childcare experience better for everyone, especially parents!

Kangarootime has been carefully designed to enhance the connectivity between you and your childcare professional by way of an appealing and user-friendly digital experience.

The design is unparalleled. Using the most modern framework that is being utilized by Uber, Amazon, Google and Apple, our team has meticulously scrutinized each screen and keystroke to ensure optimal functionality. We are proud to deliver an elegant user interface that allows you to see daily assessments immediately, make payments automatically and have control to remotely authorize friends and family to pick up your child with a simple in-app invitation.

The automated "Check In/Check Out" feature that is triggered by wifi and geo-location recognition allows you to simply pull out your phone and push one button. Simple, safe and easy.

The Ultimate Connectivity

Connection to your home, your transportation and your health might seem like very important uses of technology, but we have leveraged the ultimate benefit of modern innovation. At Kangarootime, we are enabling absolute connectivity by hardwiring parents directly in to the early education experience. Parents can rest assured that they are receiving important daily messages regarding their child, getting feedback on progress and upcoming events and that their child is properly transitioned in and out of the care center.

Peace of Mind

Parents receive daily reports, delivered electronically when their child is picked up. Getting updates at the time of pick-up enables parents to discuss same-day events and activities with their child's teachers. Kangarootime offers simple functionality to deliver the most important data to any parent.

What we offer

Our Parent Features

Events & Reminders

Whether you're planning or just participating, special days are never forgotten with our calendar of events!

Check-In & Check-Out

Our advanced technology makes check-in and check-out secure and seamless, with our secure door lock software.


We get things come up, so we've made it even easier for parents to assign pick-up privileges for children.

Messaging & Picture Sharing

Live pictures and direct messaging keep parents connected to the milestones their children achieve and activities they do - each day.

Safety Features

With credential reminders, medical alerts & image verification, Kangarootime brings another level of protection to its users.

Quick Payments

It's easy to make your tuition payments, with our secure online payment portal. Available on your mobile, for parents on the go.