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Automate Your Center

Childcare management software can save your childcare center time and money by automating your day-to-day operations. Our robust system offers a wide range of features to help you optimize your processes and put your focus back on the children. From automated billing and invoicing, to staff management, and parent engagement, our system can do it all. 

As a childcare center director, you’re met with new situations and tasks everyday. From enrolling new children, managing staff members, and keeping track of invoices, the work never seems to end. With a software program in place, you can save hours each week on your everyday tasks. Our mission at Kangarootime is to automate your processes and save you time so you can put your focus where it matters most – the children.

Tools to help you manage every aspect of your childcare center.


Kangarootime offers a fully-automated billing platform. Send automatic invoices and collect payments electronically. Parents can even pay straight from their parent-app, resulting in more on time payments. No more spending hours every week organizing, sending, and managing invoices followed by chasing down payments.

Parent Engagement

Kangarootime’s parent app includes messaging, calendar, daily notes, and gallery features. Easily communicate with parents throughout the day on what their child is doing, upcoming events at your center, and any important reminders.

Staff Management

Coordinating schedules, breaks, and payroll can be a challenging task. Kangarootime makes it easy to schedule staff, see where they are in your center, and export their time logs directly to your payroll provider.


Kangarootime automatically generates various reports for your center. From enrollment to immunizations to financials, all of your important documents can be stored right within our software. Use these reports to make informed decisions for your center.

Save time

Automated Billing: Save hours each week by automating your billing processes. Kangarootime sends invoices directly to parents who then can pay through their Parent App. This makes for quick and easy collection of payments. All of the financial data is stored in our software for referencing and reporting.

Easily Manage Classrooms

Digital Daily Notes: Track children’s naps, meals, and activities with our point-of-care tools. Digital daily notes make it easy for your staff to record notes throughout the day and send these updates directly to parents. Now, important data can be stored right in Kangarootime, getting rid of the need for endless amounts of paper. 

Safe and Easy Check-Ins

Contactless Check-in: Keep your check-in process quick, easy, and efficient. Contactless check in options through our software and our partnership with Kisi keep your center safe and organized while mitigating the spread of germs.

Connect With Parents and Staff

Parent App and Engagement: Easily communicate with parents throughout the day. Our Parent App gives them access to upcoming events, photos, daily notes, messages, and billing! Parents love using Kangarootime’s app to keep tabs on their child’s day. 

Staff Management Tools: Easily keep track of staff schedules and time-off requests. Manage payroll by seamlessly exporting our provided data to your payroll provider. Control classroom ratios by visually seeing which teachers and children are in each room. 

Instant Communication: Send parents and staff messages instantly with our in-app messaging feature. We also offer SMS texting to send important messages quickly and easily. Keep parents and staff up-to-date on closings, new procedures, upcoming events, and more.

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