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Staff scheduling for childcare centers and preschools.

Easy-to-use staff scheduling for your childcare or preschool.

Scheduling your staff members across your preschool or childcare center is made simple with Kangarootime’s Staff Management tools. Track your staff’s timelogs and vacation time along with important employment information in one secure place. Control the cost of labor by efficiently scheduling your staff members and having deeper visibility into your staff’s time worked. 


Save 10 hours monthly on scheduling your hourly staff members.

Quickly and easily schedule your staff across multiple locations, saving you time.

Empower your staff.

Let your staff know when they are scheduled to work and ensure that they are working the correct hours with timesheet tracking.

Ensure efficiency at your center and save money.

Better understand utilization across your center or centers, and efficiently schedule your staff to avoid overtime or overlapping schedules.

Streamline your scheduling process and ensure accuracy.

Schedule your team with precision ensuring that you have proper classroom coverage without scheduling overtime.

Schedule your staff with ease and efficiently manage labor costs.

Managing your staff has never been easier. Kangarootime’s scheduling and staff management tools are made for the specific needs of early educators and childcare professionals.

Employee Scheduling

Seamlessly schedule your staff across multiple centers and rooms. Advanced search functionality, tags and multiple views allows administrators ease of use.

Time Logs + Timesheets

Manage your staff’s timelogs and individual timesheets, including total working time, breaks taken, and compare scheduled time vs. actual time. Alerts notify you about late arrivals and ensure staff won’t work overtime.


View employee personal information, see emergency contacts, add tags for easy searching and identification, and easily add staff members to the system.

Employee Time Off

Manage your employees’ time off with multiple views and search functionality. You can manage your staff’s time off requests and staff members are able to request through their interface.


Customized labeling and identification to organize your data and create multiple views.


Our Staff Management tool allows flexibility for on-going or temporary classes, configuring regulations for each individual class, and the ability to assign staff to classes.


A stationary kiosk allows staff members to check in and out with a unique passcode. This makes clocking in easy and precise.


Guided tour for new users that will assist in completing tasks to get their profile set up. Reminders and nudges help account owners complete their profile and get started using the tool.

Want to learn more? Contact Sales.

Are you ready to manage your staff more efficiently? Contact our Sales team for a full software demo and learn how you can get started today. 

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