100% Paperless

Paper-based methods are slow, expensive and hard to keep track of. We have modernized the enrollment process, payments and record-keeping. We store every detail of information in the cloud and allow centers to send their forms via a simple link and we take care of the rest.


Parents simply enter their information when they download the Kangarootime parent app. Critical documents can be uploaded by snapping a photo of them.

Centers can onboard just as easily by downloading the application and moving through the registration process.


Keeping parents connected to teachers, directors and center owners is the highest priority at Kangarootime. We enable real-time messaging and chat to keep everybody on the same page. Not only do we facilitate all of the messaging and keep it safe and encrypted, we also make it simple to keep up with calendars, permission slips, important announcements and documents that might be out of date or overdue.

Grow your Center

Our parent portal and mobile applications provide a world class communication method and give your business the ultimate polish. Our competitors offer management software for your center that is time consuming to use and does not close the loop. We provide a completely connected experience that allows you to focus your resources on growth.

Every Dollar is Collected

Parents will receive timely statements with amounts due and notifications about when payments will be drafted. Our system allows parents to pay with credit cards or via checking accounts and the app provides an immediate invoice notification upon payment.

Create Clarity for Parents

Our application has been designed to carefully deliver transparency and understanding. Notifications will be sent to the parent app to avoid conflicts or misunderstandings with contracts or days off. Kangarootime provides real-time feedback that will keep parents informed of overtime and fees so there are no surprises.