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Kangarootime desktop interface
Mobile Application Interface for Parents

All-in-One Childcare Management Software

Where childcare comes together®️

Kangarootime’s platform helps eliminate everyday stressors that come with managing a childcare center. Automate billing and invoicing, effectively manage staff, communicate with families, and give teachers control of the classroom with one, easy-to-use system.


Kangarootime desktop interface
Mobile Application Interface for Parents

Don’t just take our word for it…

  • Tuckaway

    I really love Kangarootime because they stay up on the latest technology and the latest of what our industry demands. They’re always getting feedback from…

    Frances Powell

    Tuckaway Child Development Centers

  • United Christian

    We chose Kangarootime because it was a small company with a big heart. It has completely changed the way we bill and receive payments. It…

    Ginger O’Rourke

    United Christian Parish Preschool

  • GiggleTree

    We just love working with them. They are open to any changes that we want and if there’s any issues they get on and solve…

    Samantha Ahearn


  • Child's Creative

    They truly have felt like a family and they really have helped us grow as a company. They have given us the aspects that we…

    Rebecca DiMatteo

    Child’s Creative Development Center

  • Prairie Hills

    Their customer service is incredible! I love the daily notes, online payments, staff timesheets, etc, all being in one place.

    Karley LaFountain

    Prairie Hills Childcare Center

  • Care a Lot

    The partnership with Kangarootime, from the beginning, has always been open and honest communication. They have come out personally to our centers and asked for…

    Michelle Ellis

    Care-a-lot Child Care


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Built Together to Play Together

One connected system that takes care of it all.

Gain insights into all areas of your business.

Managing billing, reporting, and enrollment has never been easier. Kangarootime streamlines business operations to put more time back into your day.

Forecast revenue, understand your bottom line, and focus on growth. Kangarootime Analytics gives you the data you need to effectively run your business.

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Take the guesswork out of classroom management.

Give your teachers the tools to succeed. Save them time and allow them to efficiently run their classrooms with ratio monitoring, attendance tracking, digital daily notes, and more.

Scale your childcare business by bringing efficiency to your classrooms. Allow your teachers to put their focus back on child development by automating time-consuming tasks.

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Grid Collage of Classroom User Interface Features
Connect to parents with the push of a button.

Improve your relationships with parents while giving them a look into their child’s day. Share photos and videos, track daily logs, send messages, and highlight activities all from the KT Connect App.

Parents never have to miss a moment of their child’s development. Kangarootime gives you all the tools you need to connect to families and share the milestones that matter most.

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Interface for Parents application
Lead your staff to success.

Ensure your center is properly staffed and efficiently manage employees. Monitor schedules, breaks, and time-off requests right in our platform.

Multi-center functionality allows you to schedule and monitor staff across your centers. One connected system makes leading your team more manageable. 

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Product Features

All the features you need to manage your childcare center.

Automated Billing Icon

Automated Billing

Recognize real revenue by automating customizable billing cycles. With Kangarootime, you’ll collect accurate payments on time.

Icon for Family Connection

Parent Engagement

Connect with parents, share milestones,and improve the quality of your center with our parent app, KT Childcare Connect.

Digital Daily Notes Icon

Classroom Management

Give teachers control of the classroom with Kangarootime’s Point of Care App, complete with digital daily notes, attendance tracking, ratio monitoring, and more.

Icon for Staff

Staff Management

Improve your staff’s experience with online scheduling, time-off requests, overtime alerts, and time logs.

Icon for Owners


Manage your waitlist with ease. Customize enrollment links, forecast open spots, and send offers to families all in our platform.

Icon for Analytics


In-depth reporting, dashboards, and forecasting come together to give you a holistic view of your business performance. Make informed decisions and watch your center grow.

Icon for Customer Support

Customer Support

Kangarootime provides a community to help you succeed. With our wide range of support options and live representatives, we’re here to help answer your questions, monitor your feedback, and quickly resolve support tickets.

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All sorts of content. All to help you grow.

We’ve compiled webinars, articles, and videos spanning all the topics related to managing and operating your childcare center. Each one is written and recorded by subject matter experts to make sure you can make the most out of your day.

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