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Mobile interface

Connect with Parents Like Never Before

An easy-to-use app that doesn't disappoint.

Parents never miss a moment of their child’s development with Kangarootime’s communication capabilities.

Mobile interface
Manage your entire childcare business

Save time. Automate Processes. Grow Your Business.

Involve parents in their child’s care.

Families can track daily notes right in their KT Connect app, keeping them informed about their child’s day.

Parent Communications
Share milestones and moments.

Let parents follow along on their child’s journey. Easily send photos and videos throughout the day so they can be a part of the moments that matter. 

Parent Communications
Keep families informed.

Communication is key. Messaging allows you to keep families up to date on important happenings at your center.

Parent Communications
Collect payments on time

Parents love the convenience of paying right from their smartphone. They can even set up autopay so you’ll never miss a payment.

Parent Communications
Security never takes a back seat.

With door lock capabilities, two-factor authentication, and secure kiosk check-in, you and your families can be confident that your center and data are safe

Parent Communications
Parent Communications

Customer Quote

Kangarootime has truly felt like a family and they really have helped us grow as a company. They've given us the tools that we needed to help us succeed.
Rebecca DiMatteo
Child Creative Development Center

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