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Staff Management

Better tools for your childcare workforce

Kangarootime’s platform comes equipped with top-notch staff management tools, making it easy to schedule staff efficiently, monitor time logs, and manage time off requests.

Desktop interface
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Manage your entire childcare business

Save time. Automate Processes. Grow Your Business.

Connect Employees to your Center

Your staff have all of their employee information at their fingertips with the KT Workforce Connect app. Give them visibility into their schedule, time off requests, hours worked, and more right from their smartphone.

Staff Management
Accurate and efficient scheduling

Kangarootime allows you to schedule your staff across multiple centers with precision. See where and when your staff are scheduled, gain insight into your optimal schedule, and view possible improvements to enrollment, staffing, and revenue based on scheduling changes.

Staff Management
Effortlessly track hours worked

Get a deeper look at the hours your staff works with our time logs feature. Kangarootime gives you the functionality to understand your labor costs, make sure your center is fully staffed, and monitor overtime.

Staff Management
Quick and easy check-in

Kangarootime allows you to schedule your staff across multiple centers with precision. See where and when your staff are scheduled and understand staff utilization across your business.

Staff Management
Staff Management

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This is exactly what we were looking for! Teachers were feeling disconnected from parents (and vice versa), and this helped bridge the gap.
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