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Classroom Management

Equip your teachers and transform your classrooms

Kangarootime’s tools power your classrooms to save your teachers time and make it easier for them to care for the children.

Manage your entire childcare business

Improve classroom management. Increase teacher performance. Optimize your center.

Daily notes and updates

Teachers can share children’s moments and update guardians on their care with the click of a button, keeping parents informed and teachers focused.

Man operating tablet with daily note applications
Safe and compliant centers

Kangarootime makes safety a priority. Attendance tracking and check-in features make it clear where each child is at all times.

Live updates for parents

With our live photo and video gallery, Kangarootime lets teachers send pictures and videos, giving parents insight into their child’s experience. Now, they never have to miss a moment.

Classroom Management
Real-time messaging

Messaging makes keeping your staff and families informed a breeze. Bulletin boards allow your staff to communicate without taking time away from the kids.

Classroom Management
Man operating tablet with daily note applications

Customer Quote

Kangarootime has truly felt like a family and they really have helped us grow as a company. They've given us the tools that we needed to help us succeed.
Rebecca DiMatteo
Child Creative Development Center

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