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About Us

Dedicated to the childcare industry

We’re Kangarootime, and we want to make sure that every experience running a child care facility is meaningful and impactful on the lives of those being cared for and those who manage it all.

That’s why we’re here. At Kangarootime we support 25,000 businesses from the mom-and-pops to the enterprise centers who all use KT’s unified child care platform to foster the greatest outcomes for their staff and the little ones they care for.

Our values
These are the things we care about most
We’re considerate and foster a culture of inclusion.
We’re honest and truthful in all aspects of our business.
We bounce back quickly and don’t let roadblocks get in our way.
We never give up and find the best outcomes for our community. 
We keep our customers in mind at all times.
We care about the experiences and challenges of childcare providers.

What does Kangarootime mean to us?

When I think about Kangarootime, the first thing that comes to mind is kindness. It’s the relentlessness we have for our customers. There’s never a day that I spend with our team where I don’t just have gratitude.
Scott Wayman
CEO, Kangarootime
Scott Wayman

Founder & CEO

Scott Wayman

Chief Technology Officer

Bob Willer

Vice President, Human Resources

Lyndsey Banach

Vice President, Product Development

Buddy Rodgers

Vice President, Marketing

Richard Sherry

Vice President, Customer Success

Kelly Ormsby

Vice President, Finance

Erik Gregory
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