Helping you and your team navigate the new normal.

Kangarootime’s software can help you mitigate the spread of the coronavirus at your center while helping you connect better with your families.


The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges to childcare centers. We know that times like these are trying for business owners, leaders and their staff members. Staying healthy is key, and Kangarootime’s software can help childcare centers stop the spread at their facility. With the ability to track and store important data about your children, instant communication with families, and contactless payments and check-in/out, Kangarootime helps centers navigate the new normal. 

Contactless Check-in/out + Facility Access

Avoid unnecessary touchpoints like a kiosk with contactless check-in and out through our Parent App. With our door lock solution through Kisi, parents are able to gain contact-free access to your facility through their smartphone.

Parent Communication

Communicate with parents through SMS texting or in-app messaging to keep them informed. It’s important to keep parents up-to-speed with a rapidly changing situation, like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Electronic Payments

Avoid cash and in-person transactions to mitigate the spread of the virus. Parents are able to view their invoices and pay their bill all from Kangarootime’s Parent App.

Health Checks

New safety procedures require childcare centers to track important health information throughout the day.  Our Health Checks feature allows you to record this information for both your employees and children to ensure their safety. With Kangarootime, you can keep this information in a central, secure location.

Kangarootime Webinars 

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges for childcare providers. Kangarootime’s webinar series focuses on the topics that childcare providers want to discuss now. We cover important topics, like best practices for operating during the pandemic, PPP loan forgiveness and effectively communicating with families during this time.

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The Kangarootime team wanted to bring together a community to talk about the issues that matter in this moment, so we created the KT Childcare Connect Facebook Group. In this group, we share information and assist in guiding the conversation, but this is a space for all childcare providers. Share your challenges, your wins and insight.

All childcare professionals are welcome in this community.