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Top 5 Questions to Ask on a Childcare Software Demo

When choosing a childcare management software for your center, it’s crucial to schedule a demo in order to fully understand how the software works and the features it includes. This software can completely transform your center and help maximize efficiency. However, these software demos can be overwhelming if you’re not sure what to ask. To help you out, here’s an overview of the top 5 questions to ask the consultant during your meeting. 

Can you describe how your software meets the needs of my single center businesses? My multi-center enterprise?

During your demo, a consultant will be able to walk you through the features of their software and, more specifically, highlight the ones that meet your needs and support your childcare center(s). It’s crucial to have an understanding of how this CCMS can advance your business to the next level while simplifying day-to-day operations. To help assess what your team needs in a software, Kangarootime created a helpful guide. 

What does your implementation process look like? How long does it typically take? 

Each CCMS will come with an implementation period that ensures employees are properly trained and the software is working appropriately. It’s important to understand the length of this process and what it will entail in order for your team to be prepared. 

Do you have customer service? How can they be contacted (phone, chat, email)?

Customer service support is a huge asset when implementing a new childcare software management system. If you have questions or need help troubleshooting issues, the customer service team will be there to simplify the process. Understand what the customer service team can help you with and how you can reach them. 

Can your software support specialized or temporary programs like after school care and summer camps? How?

If your childcare center offers specialized programs, make sure your CCMS can accommodate that. Each center is different in their offerings and it’s important to find the software that supports your needs. The consultant will be able to walk you through features that can help support your specific or temporary programs. 

How does your pricing work?

There are a few different pricing options software companies can offer such as a monthly subscription fee or a one-time fee. Understand the difference between various pricing models and make sure you’re aware of any additional fees. The overall cost of the software and the pricing methods offered are a huge part of selecting your software, so it’s important to ask the right questions to be well-versed in this area. 

When choosing your childcare management software, there are many things to take into account. To make sure you’re prepared, read the ‘Top 5 Things to Consider When Looking for Childcare Management Software’.

For the ultimate guide of questions to ask on a CCMS demo, fill out the form below. 

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