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Marissa Schneggenburger

How to Empower Your Educators with Digital Training Tools 

  • June 17, 2024

With turnover, retention issues, and hiring struggles, empowering your educators with the right tools is more crucial than ever. Using digital coaching and resource programs like Clay by Kangarootime, you can ensure your teachers can effectively manage their classrooms, enhance their teaching methods, and stay updated with the latest educational trends. This blog will explore how Clay can empower your educators and transform your school. 

The Importance of Digital Training Tools 

Digital tools can save your educators time and equip them with skills and resources that allow them to better care for children. Here are just a few ways these tools can help. 

Enhanced Learning and Teaching Methods: Digital tools provide teachers with new and exciting ways to engage with children, provide personalized learning experiences, and adapt teaching methods to meet diverse needs. 

Efficiency and Productivity: Online programs also save hours per week by reducing administrative tasks and automating responsibilities like lesson planning, parent communication, observations, and more. 

Professional Development: Continuous learning is crucial for educators. Digital training platforms offer virtual opportunities for professional development, keeping educators updated with the latest educational resources in an accessible environment. 

Collaboration and Communication: Digital communication is the most common way to connect with parents. By adopting technology, your teachers can improve relationships and create a cohesive and supportive learning environment. 

Introducing Clay: Kangarootime’s New Digital Training Platform 

Clay by Kangarootime addresses the pressing needs of educators by providing them the resources they need to succeed at their fingertips.  

Key Features of Clay 

Automated Lesson-Planning 

Save your educators over five hours a week by automating weekly lesson plans. They can create these based on their desired theme, age range, education method, etc. Each lesson plan includes activities for each skill to ensure your children receive the highest quality care. 

ECE Coach 

Have you faced behavioral issues in your classrooms? What about poor parent communication? The ECE Coach can help with all of that and more. Educators simply ask a question about a classroom challenge, a policy they need, a newsletter they want to send, etc. and they instantly receive an expert answer with an ECE lens. 

Activity Generator 

Need a last-minute activity about butterflies on the playground? Put that prompt into the activity generator and get a complete activity with instructions, supplies, parent notes, and safety procedures. 

Professional Development Center 

Clay includes a comprehensive training and resource library so your teachers can focus on professional development. They’ll have access to articles, videos, and other educational materials so they can be at their best. 

How Clay Empowers Educators 

Clay gives your educators confidence to run their classrooms. It acts as a support tool to help your teachers, reduce stress and burnout, and simplify their day. Improve the educational environment at your school with Clay by Kangarootime. 

Free Trial 

Access Clay for FREE by starting your free trial! Visit carebyclay.com to get started. 

Empowering educators with digital training tools is essential in today’s educational landscape. Clay is a powerful tool that provides educators with the resources, training, and support they need to succeed. By leveraging the features of Clay, educational institutions can enhance teaching methods, improve efficiency, and create a collaborative and innovative learning environment. 

Kangarootime brings childcare together with all the tools schools need to succeed. Our software platform and digital resources help create a future where Educators thrive, children experience exceptional care and development, Directors and Owners understand their school and business better than ever, and families are more engaged in their child’s early developmental journey. Learn more at kangarootime.com

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