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Whether your center is currently operating and serving families or you are looking to reopen soon, preventing the spread of coronavirus at your childcare center is top of mind right now. There are many precautions you can take that will help keep your staff and children safe and healthy while at your center. The CDC has issued guidelines for childcare facilities that are currently operating. 

In addition to following important guidelines like those outlined by the CDC, there are other ways you can prevent the spread of the coronavirus at your childcare center. Leveraging digital tools, like online payments and messaging, can help avoid unnecessary exposure to the virus through in-person contact. Here are some tips that to help you prevent to spread of the virus: 

  1. Digital daily notes: Keep your daily notes digital—don’t revert to paper notes, which can transmit germs from person to person. Kangarootime users are able to easily send their parents updates within the Parent App. 
  2. Create a cleaning schedule: Set up set times to sanitize and disinfect electronics, toys, bathrooms and any other high-traffic areas. Any item or space that is used heavily should be cleaned regularly. You may want to limit the number of toys that are available to children to those that are easily cleaned. 
  3. Online payment: Ask your parents to make payments online and avoid using cash or checks. This will reduce the amount of in-person contact that could lead to the spreading of the virus.
  4. Avoid unnecessary touch points: Try to avoid high-traffic areas like kiosks or paper sign-ins. By nature, Kangarootime’s software offers an integration for contactless door entry. If you can’t avoid a high-traffic touch point, like a shared computer or tablet, ensure that it is properly wiped down at certain times each day. 
  5. Use digital messaging to keep parents and staff members up to date: Keeping your parents and staff in the loop on any changes can help calm fears and instill confidence in you, your staff and your center. Using digital messaging, which is available through Kangarootime’s software, can help you avoid in-person contact while maintaining an open line of communication. 
  6. Phone-free zones: Cell phones are a haven for germs. Ask your staff members to keep their phones out of their pockets during work time and in their locker or pocketbook. 

You can prevent the spread of the coronavirus at your center by being vigilant in your procedures and leveraging software and other tools to limit in-person contact. What other tips and recommendations do you have for stopping the spread of COVID-19 at your center? Share in the comments below. 

Looking for guidance on reopening your center? Check out Kangarootime’s Administrator’s Guide to Reopening Your Center.

Genevieve Carbone

Author Genevieve Carbone

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