Child care management system

Working in child care is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world, and there’s nothing more fulfilling than watching children grow in front of your eyes. Unfortunately, many child care centers are still stuck in the past, using antiquated operating methods that prevent employees from spending as much time as possible with the children.

While you focus on helping children grow, let Kangarootime help your business grow with our child care management system. Our state-of-the-art technology makes it easier than ever to communicate with employees and parents, all without ever touching a piece of paper. If you’re still using those outdated “sign-in/sign-out” pads for attendance, or logging employee hours on a clipboard, it’s time to invest in a modern child care management system.

Kangarootime strives to make your job easier, and that’s exactly what our child care management system can provide. Our easy-to-use interface seamlessly handles employee management, including attendance, tardiness alerts, instant messaging, and much more. Our enhanced record keeping solutions allows you to digitize all of your financial tasks, and you’ll never have to write an invoice by hand again. We provide online enrollments, mobile invoices, mobile payments, and everything else you need to eliminate paper documents for good.

Parents love Kangarootime’s child care management system because it allows them to stay in touch while their child is in your care. We have carefully designed an application that enhances your connectivity with parents, providing them with the peace of mind they desire. We also offer an ‘Authorization’ feature, which enables parents to send invitations to friends and family to pick up a child when they are stuck at work.

If you want a fast and easy solution to your management woes, call Kangarootime today and learn more about our child care management system. Its simplicity and convenience will allow your children -- as well as your child care center -- to grow by leaps and bounds.