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Drop-in Childcare Made Simple.

Make flexible scheduling easy for parents while optimizing revenue at your childcare center.


The Benefits of Drop-in Childcare

Kangarootime’s new Drop-in Care function is a revolutionary feature for parents and childcare providers. Using Kangarootime’s parent app, families can adapt to last-minute changes and enroll their children in last-minute care outside of their usual schedule.

Optimize Revenue

Take advantage of open spots at your childcare center by offering drop-in booking. Families benefit from the flexibility while you benefit from added revenue.

Eliminate Unnecessary Communication

With all that administrators are tasked with, handling last-minute schedule changes and communicating with parents isn’t easy. Eliminate that process using Drop-in Care.

Increase Parent Satisfaction

Parents love the flexibility of drop-in scheduling. Now, it’s easier than ever to book an open spot using their smartphone.

Don't miss out on adding value to your center.


Customizable Drop-in settings.


Book at higher rates.


Save time and eliminate stress.

5-Minute Overview of Kangarootime’s Drop-in Childcare Functionality

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