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A comprehensive childcare management system.

Save time, increase efficiency, and simplify center management with Kangarootime.

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Grow your school.

One solution provides everything you need to manage your center. Streamline billing, analyze data, enroll families, and more.

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Take control of your classrooms.

Save time in the classroom and focus on caring for the children. Automate tedious tasks like logging daily notes, sharing photos and videos, tracking attendance, and more.

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Improve communication with parents.

Families have never been more connected to your center. Now they can monitor their child’s milestones and activities right from their smartphone.

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Empower your childcare staff.

Simplify employee management by equipping your staff with scheduling, time-off requests, and key account information.

Our top resources curated just for you

We’ve compiled webinars, articles, and videos spanning all the topics related to managing and operating your childcare center. Each one is written and recorded by subject matter experts to make sure you can make the most out of your day.
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