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Who Uses KT

A simplified childcare management system made for everyone.

Kangarootime works with owners, directors, teachers, and families to bring childcare together. One system encapsulates every feature needed to manage and grow a successful ECE business.

Improved center management made simple.

Eliminate time-intensive processes and gain insight across your business. Automate billing, analyze data, save time, and watch your center grow.

Bringing efficiency and quality care to your classrooms.

Kangarootime empower educators through technology. Digital daily notes, online attendance, messaging capabilities, and more save your teachers time and enable them to excel.

Prioritize connection and communication.

Bring parents into their child’s experience beyond the classroom. Improve relationships, communicate effectively, and build a community.

Provide your staff with better tools.

Managing schedules, time-off requests, and employee information is all automated in Kangarootime. Put your staff in control and save time on staff management in one platform.

Our top resources curated just for you

We’ve compiled webinars, articles, and videos spanning all the topics related to managing and operating your childcare center. Each one is written and recorded by subject matter experts to make sure you can make the most out of your day.
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