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Marissa Schneggenburger

3 Steps to Choosing Your 2021 Word

  • January 14, 2021

Are you ready to ditch your New Year’s resolution list and adopt a new philosophy? Simplify your New Year’s goals and aspirations with Beth Cannon’s One Word training. The process of choosing a word helps you focus on who you want to become in the next year. It also helps you choose your priorities—faith, family, friends, and career aspirations.

Beth Cannon is an international speaker, workshop presenter, and entrepreneur. She has been teaching, leading, and motivating groups and teams for over 20 years. From the business and education space to the fitness world, Beth’s wide range of experience helps her connect to a variety of audiences. She started her first business, a Stretch-n-Grow International franchise in 1999 and quickly grew it to become the largest, most successful affiliate across the globe.

She is the appointed Chairwoman of the Champion Child Advisory Board, author, and developer of the Youth Fitness Instructor Certification Program, and the Director of Corporate Training for Stretch-n-Grow International–the world’s leading enrichment program provider for childcare centers throughout the world. Get help choosing your 2021 word by watching the webinar below.

Beth Cannon

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