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Marissa Schneggenburger

4 Ways to Level-Up Your Childcare Center in 2022

  • December 9, 2021

The new year is quickly approaching and it’s time to make sure your childcare center is ready. As a childcare provider, you’re faced with running an entire business, taking care of children, and managing staff and families. We know this can be overwhelming but there are also a range of resources and tools that can help you. As you prepare for the new year, it’s important to take time and outline your goals and create a plan for your center. 

To help prepare your childcare center for the new year, we outlined how to create your goals, conferences to attend, resources to look through, and influencers to follow. Keep reading to learn more about leveling up and preparing your center for 2022. 

How to Prepare Your Center for 2022

1. Outline Your Goals

Now’s the time to outline what you want to achieve in the new year. Big or small, it’s important to understand your goals so you can focus on completing them. When developing your goals, consider:

  • Center Improvements

    • Are you looking to add or update a classroom? Are you implementing a new software program? Are you starting a new policy?
  • Business Achievements 

    • Is there a certain amount of money you want to make? Is there a certain number of children you’d like to enroll or staff you’d like to hire?
  • Community Growth

    • What events would you like to host? Who do you want to connect to in the industry?
  • Further Education

    • How are you going to learn to improve your business? What resources and industry leaders will you look to?

2. Attend Conferences

In case you didn’t know, the childcare industry hosts a range of conferences every year! These conferences are a great opportunity to connect with other owners and directors, learn more industry leaders and ECE coaches, discover new products and tools, and more. Conferences are a great way to invest in your business and you’ll always be able to take something away from them.

If you’re looking for conferences to attend, try out Evelyn Knight’s Childcare Business Summit, Kris Murray’s Childcare Success Summit, and AELL’s National Conference. 

3. Find the Right Resources

There’s so many great, free resources available for childcare providers, you just need to know where to look. Here’s some great blogs, youtube channels, and more that you can follow to stay up to date on the industry and gain insight into how you can improve your center:

Kangarootime’s Blog and Youtube Channel

Watch Me Grow Blog

ChildcareCRM’s Blog

4. Connect with Influencers and Industry Professionals

In tandem with blogs and information videos from childcare companies, influencers have a great deal of knowledge and insight on the industry. They’re there to connect with you and offer guidance to improve your business. Many influencers have years of childcare experience themselves and can offer a fresh perspective on issues you’re dealing with. If you aren’t already be sure to follow influencers and ECE coaches on social media and join their mailing lists. 

Check out these industry leaders who are also some of Kangarootime’s partners:

Kangarootime is the leading all-in-one childcare management software for daycares and preschools. With billing and invoicing capabilities, parent communication and staff management tools and classroom automation, Kangarootime helps childcare centers grow and scale. To learn more about optimizing your center with Kangarootime, visit

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