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Marissa Schneggenburger

5 Ways to Improve Your Childcare Business

  • January 19, 2021

A CCMS, or childcare management system, can help you manage and organize each aspect of your childcare business while helping you grow your center. With features like digital daily logs, staff scheduling, automated billing and invoicing, and more, you can manage your staff, engage with parents, and save time and money. In this post, we’ll outline the major ways a CCMS can improve your center and grow your business. 

1. Find Ways to Save Hours Per Week

Without a CCMS, you’re probably spending countless hours managing and processing invoices, communicating with parents, organizing documents, recording daily notes, etc. A CCMS will be able to automate these processes for you so you can save time and focus on the children in your care. At Kangarootime, we’ve found that customers who used to spend 8 hours a week on billing alone now only spend 1-2 hours at most. Automatic billing and invoicing eliminates room for error and also alleviates the stress of chasing down payments. Automating billing along with other processes will not only save you time but help you stay more organized and increase efficiency.

Kangarootime’s Billing Platform

2. Institute Ways to Stay More Organized

Organization is key to having your childcare center run smoothly. With so many kids, classes, teachers, and rooms, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. Childcare management systems come equipped with features to help you manage documents and keep your records up to date. Within the software, you can store and update enrollment packets, allergy information, tax documents, attendance rosters, and more. By storing your documents in one place, they stay secure and are easily accessible. This also eliminates the need for paper which eliminates clutter and reduces waste. 

Kangarootime’s Document Manager

3. Increase Parent Satisfaction

The parents and families of the children in your care love staying up to date on what their little one is doing. Through photos and daily notes, they’re able to get a glimpse into their child’s day—which can help improve parent satisfaction. However, this can take your staff hours per week if done manually. By investing in a CCMS, you’ll have access to parent engagement features like a parent app, digital daily notes, online photo sharing, messaging, and more. Not only does this keep parents involved but it also makes it easier to communicate important information. These parent engagement features are a huge value add for your center and have become expected over the years. 

Kangarootime’s Parent App

4. Manage Your Staff More Effectively 

Manually managing your staff can be extremely difficult when it comes to scheduling, time-off requests, payroll, etc. A CCMS can make it easier to manage your staff and give them the tools to perform their job to the best of their ability. Certain childcare softwares have the capabilities to allow you to schedule your staff, monitor breaks, approve time off, and more. This makes it easier for your staff to see when and where they are scheduled while monitoring their overall hours. A CCMS also makes it easy to manage payroll by allowing you to export your employees’ hours to your third party payroll provider. 

Kangarootime’s Staff Scheduling Tool (Coming Soon)

5. Gain Deeper Insight into Your Classrooms

Keeping track of staff and children, monitoring ratios, and managing classrooms is a top priority for center owners and directors. Use your software to better manage your classrooms and oversee your center. With a CCMS like Kangarootime, you get a glimpse into each space at your center including where each child and staff member is in order to better monitor ratios. You can also see key information, like allergies, and record important daily notes. This saves you and your staff time, keeps your center organized, and creates a better experience for teachers and parents.

Kangarootime’s Rooming Module 

Kangarootime is an all-in-one CCMS that comes with automatic billing and invoicing, a robust parent app, contactless check-in, classroom management tools, and more. For a high-level overview of our features, click here. If you’re interested in learning more about Kangarootime and seeing if it could be a fit for you, fill out the form below and a member of our team will reach out shortly. 

Kangarootime is the leading all-in-one childcare management software for daycares and preschools. With billing and invoicing capabilities, parent communication and staff management tools and classroom automation, Kangarootime helps childcare centers grow and scale. To learn more about optimizing your center with Kangarootime, visit kangarootime.com.

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