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Marissa Schneggenburger

Ideas to Celebrate the Week of the Young Child in 2021

  • March 24, 2021

2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the Week of the Young Child, a week-long celebration sponsored by NAEYC that highlights the needs of children and families and the importance of early childhood education providers. This year, the Week of the Young Child takes place from April 10-16. Each day of the week focuses on a different theme and set of activities for children, teachers, and families. These events help shed light on the importance of educating children and inspire others to create a positive learning environment. 

In order to properly celebrate the Week of the Young Child, it’s important to prepare and plan activities. In this post, we’ll outline some ideas on how to celebrate and provide resources to make this the best WOYC yet!

Ideas to Celebrate the Week of the Young Child 2021

April 10: Kick-Off Saturday

WOYC is here! Start the week right by getting families and children excited for the upcoming events. 

  • Spread the word: Get the word out about WOYC, celebrations you have planned, and ways families can celebrate on their own. This can be through posting on your social media channels, creating a digital newsletter, writing a blog post, filming a video, or any other effective medium. Be sure to use the hashtag: #WOYC21.
  • Inform parents and families: Sending information to parents directly helps ensure they’re prepared for the upcoming week. In an email, handout, or text message you can include information about WOTYC, any upcoming events, and any supplies their children might need to participate in activities. 
  • Prepare your activities: You have a busy week ahead so make sure you’re set with your activities and supplies for each day. It helps to have a calendar or spreadsheet made outlining each day, each activity, and supplies needed to keep yourself organized. 

April 12: Music Monday

It’s time to celebrate with music! Music allows children to develop their language and early literacy skills while being active and having fun. Celebrate music Monday by:

  • Making up a song: Have your children learn a new song or make up their own!
  • Learning a dance: Teach your kids a new dance to a fun song. Here’s an example.
  • Creating instruments: Let the kids show their creativity by making their own instruments through common household objects. 
  • Host a virtual performance: Have your kids sing along to their favorite songs or invite a musician to do a virtual performance. 

April 13: Tasty Tuesday

Enjoy Tasty Tuesday with some fun activities and delicious foods. Be sure to encourage healthy nutrition and fitness habits throughout the day!

  • Create a healthy recipe: Try making a simple fruit salad or turning fruit into ice cream with the kids. 
  • Have a themed lunch or breakfast: This could be something like Taco Tuesday or smoothie day.
  • Create a cookbook with family recipes: Have your kids bring in one of their family’s favorite recipes. Add these to a book and keep it as a class copy or make copies for each child to take home. 
  • Have a picnic: If the weather permits, take lunch outside and have a picnic!

April 14: Work Together Wednesday

Working together helps children improve their social skills, learn new things, and feel accomplished. Here are ways you can celebrate Work Together Wednesday:

  • Build a fort: Use materials outside or from around your classroom to build a fort with your children. 
  • Host team activities: Have the kids play different games on teams so they can work together. These could be games such as kickball, relay races, capture the flag, hide-and-seek, an obstacle course, etc.
  • Help the community: Have your kids write cards to the elderly or help pack up lunches/goodie bags for shelters in need. 

April 15: Artsy Thursday

Allow children to express their creativity through fun activities on Artsy Thursday!

  • Create a sensory bin: Rice, kinetic sand, playdough, etc. are great for sensory play. Here are some more ideas for creating a sensory bin.
  • Have arts and crafts time: Use these fun and simple art activities for preschoolers during arts and crafts time. 
  • Play dress up: Have your kids dress up in crazy clothes and costumes for a fashion show!
  • Tie-Dye shirts, socks or hats: Tie-dye is a fun and easy activity for kids. Have them bring in a white shirt or provide one to them. Allow them to tie their shirt in fun ways, cover it in crazy colors, and see their new creation!
  • Play with chalk: Cover the sidewalks at your school with chalk, blow bubbles, play hopscotch, and take advantage of the outdoors!

April 16: Family Friday

End your celebration of the Week of the Young Child through meaningful activities.

  • Create a family tree: Have kids make a family tree using a template like this.
  • Make a collage of family photos: Have children bring in copies of family photos to make a collage or have them draw a family portrait.
  • Draw a picture for family members: Carve out some arts and crafts time so your kids can make a drawing for their family.
  • Send cards to family members: Have your kids draw on and sign cards that they can send to family members, especially if they live far away. 
  • Encourage quality family time: Encourage families to spend time together through a family dinner, movie night, game night, etc. 

We encourage you to celebrate the Week of the Young Child using these ideas to take time and recognize the importance of Early Childhood Education. For more information on the Week of the Young Child, click here.

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