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Marissa Schneggenburger

How Kangarootime’s Partnership Transformed Discover Fun Camp’s Business 

  • June 26, 2023

Raven Grandberry, owner of Discover Fun Camp, has been in the Early Childhood Education industry for over 10 years. As an owner and previous director, she knows the importance of using technology and software to improve systems at her center. 

When looking to switch software providers, Raven was looking for a system that would not only support her business, but also support parent and family needs. Raven found Kangarootime and knew the platform would meet her needs based on the flexibility it offered.  

“Kangarootime has more features and options for supporting families.” 

Having been with Kangarootime for over a year, Discover Fun Camp has been able to see improvements in the operation of their program. 

About Discover Fun Camp 

Discover Fun Camp offers summer camps, drop-in camps, and after-school care for children in the Washington, DC area. Their curriculum includes indoor and outdoor activities with exposure to STEM, sports, culture, health, and more. Beyond their robust curriculum, they also provide a range of clubs and activities. With field trips, swimming, and more, there are endless opportunities for fun for the kids! 

Managing multiple camps requires a robust and flexible software system able to accommodate numerous families, changing schedules, and different billing cycles. When looking for a childcare platform, they needed to find one that gave them the tools and flexibility to reach their goals. 


  • Provide a better experience for families 
  • Forecast revenue and understand financial data. 
  • Make managing the business easier. 


  • Communicate with families through messages, photos, videos and more using Kangarootime’s Parent App. 
  • Use reporting and analytics within the childcare management system to understand performance metrics and financial viability. 
  • Efficiently schedule staff, simplify check-in, automate billing, and offer drop-in care all in Kangarootime.  


  • Families have increased satisfaction through an easy and seamless experience starting at enrollment. 
  • Revenue is recognized faster through automatic billing. Raven can see exactly where revenue is coming from through reporting 
  • . Decisions are made faster and based on real-time data, resulting in improved performance. 
  • Employees have a better staff experience, revenue is recognized faster, and more spots are filled. 

“Kangarootime offers more flexibility for me to run my business and support families. If you’re thinking of switching to Kangarootime, just do it!” – Raven Grandberry 

If you’re ready to start improving your business, schedule a time to chat with us today. 

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