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Marissa Schneggenburger

How to Build Trust with Your Childcare Staff 

  • January 19, 2024

Building trust within your center and amongst staff helps build stronger relationships and a better work environment. When staff have trust in your school and feel trusted in return, quality of care improves along with parent relationships and workplace culture. Building trusting connections with your staff will improve your center and increase staff retention and performance. In this article, we’ll identify key ways you can build trust within your childcare team.  

Create a Culture of Open Communication 

The most important part of building trust within your center is creating a space where your team feels heard. Encourage feedback, schedule team meetings, and give your staff an avenue to express their feelings and experiences. Throughout this process, it’s important to be present, avoid distractions, and be mindful of our staff’s body language. This will allow you to spot resistance and deeper issues amongst staff and encourage them to express their concerns.  

Lead by Example 

Showcase how you want your team to act by exhibiting the values and behaviors you expect from your staff. Live by your core values and be a role model in terms of conflict resolution, professionalism, respect, and caretaking. When your staff members have an example of how to act, it’s much easier for them to understand expectations and exhibit similar behavior. 

Empower Your Team 

Your teachers and staff are leaders within your center. By ensuring they understand the importance of their role, they will feel empowered to act as such. Showcase your appreciation verbally or through recognition like employee of the month.  

Focus on Professional Development 

Invest in your staff and give them the tools to grow in their career. Encourage professional development through online webinars, in-person conferences, or team-building and coaching sessions. When staff feel like they have access to resources and are encouraged to grow, they have stronger trust within your organization.  

Acknowledge Positive Behavior 

Positive reinforcement can go a long way when it comes to team behavior. Focus on what your educators and staff are doing right and give them proper recognition. When staff feel appreciated, they also feel trusted to do their job and develop an ownership mindset. 

Address Resistance and Conflicts Promptly 

When a conflict arises, address it quickly to avoid it spiraling. Create a space for open discussions and be available to mediate conflicts. Ensure the resolutions are fair and transparent with tangible action steps. Setting this precedent will help reinforce trust amongst your team. 

Building trust among your childcare team is an ongoing process. It requires dedication, communication, and a commitment to the well-being of your staff, children, and families. By creating an environment of open communication, feedback, and growth, you are creating a community where your staff and children can thrive.  

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