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Marissa Schneggenburger

How to Get More Reviews for Your Childcare Business

  • April 28, 2022

Reviews are crucial for a thriving childcare business. They give families a look into others’ experiences at your center and help them make informed decisions when choosing a childcare center for their child(ren). Reviews also give you insight into how your business can improve for the future. The more reviews you have, the better for your childcare business. 

Getting more reviews involves asking current and past families, following up with current reviews, offering incentives, and more. This all plays a key role in growing and improving your business.

If you’re looking to get more reviews for your childcare center, keep reading. 

Make it Easy

Make it as easy as possible for your families to write a review by outlining exactly how to do it. Send a detailed email with the link to leave a review and any other instructions. Ask families to write a detailed review as those are most helpful for prospective families.

Post the review link on social media, in emails and newsletters, and in your email signature so it’s readily available for reviewers. This gives you the highest chance of getting more reviews.

Offer an Incentive

Offering an incentive can help you get more reviews. Don’t pay for reviews, but offer a chance to win a gift card, a tuition discount, a gift basket, or a special treat instead. This entices families to write reviews and makes the experience fun and interactive. 

Promote, Promote, Promote

Promote writing reviews anywhere you connect with parents for high visibility and the highest likeliness of getting more reviews. Here’s what you can do to make sure your families don’t forget to write a review:

  • Post the review link on social media
  • Send a reminder through your childcare software
  • Send physical reminder cards home with the kids or in the mail
  • Have a physical sign in your center reminding parents about reviews

Know Who and When to Ask

Don’t overwhelm families by constantly asking for reviews. A good rule of thumb is to ask every three months if a current family has not yet written a review.

Ask for reviews from anyone who has interacted with your business. This can be past families, families of children who are aging out, employees, volunteers, etc. 

Share Past Reviews

With permission, share previous positive reviews on your social media channels, on your website, in emails, and more. This can help marketing efforts at your center while encouraging more reviews. 

Follow Up With Each Reviewer

Responding to each review shows the reviewer and potential customers that you care about what was said. 

It gives prospective families a look into how you handle both positive and negative situations at your center. It also allows reviewers who have already interacted with your center to know their thoughts and opinions are important. 

Handling a Negative Review

If you happen to receive a negative review of your center, don’t worry. By responding quickly, addressing the issue, offering a solution, and mitigating the risks, you can properly handle a negative review.

For more information on handling negative reviews at your childcare center, click here. 

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