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Marissa Schneggenburger

Kangarootime’s Scheduling Optimization Tool Advances Insights for Schools  

  • May 1, 2024

Buffalo, NY, April 30, 2024 

Kangarootime, the leading provider of childcare management software, has launched a revolutionary new tool for childcare centers called Scheduling Optimization. This functionality was designed to give operators new insight into optimal school staffing and enrollment. 

Using this function, childcare providers can see the number of required staff per classroom based on scheduled staff and students and previous attendance trends. This insight allows them to make improvements around their staffing schedule and enrollments. With What if? scenario planning, operators get a glimpse into possible improvements of resource allocation based on adjusting the number of scheduled staff or students enrolled.  

“The Scheduling Optimization tool will revolutionize how childcare providers make decisions about their operations,” says Scott Wayman, Founder & CEO of Kangarootime. “Having insight into the optimal number of staff and children scheduled is invaluable for these providers and can really help them improve their financial picture as well as their team’s and family’s experience.” 

Scheduling Optimization includes: 

  • Insight into scheduled staff and students versus actual attendance 
  • Visual representation of the necessary number of staff to schedule for each classroom 
  • What if? function to see the effect of increasing or decreasing scheduled staff or children. 
  • Revenue forecasting based on adjusting staffing and enrollment parameters 

Scheduling Optimization helps centers: ensure they’re adequately staffed, keep labor costs in check, see where they can increase capacity, and identify areas for financial improvement.  

This tool is now available to all Kangarootime customers as part of their subscription. To learn more about Kangarootime and its childcare management solutions, visit Kangarootime.com 

See how Scheduling Optimization works here.

About Kangarootime  

Kangarootime brings childcare together with all of the tools centers need to succeed. One, easy-to-use system helps ECE professionals run their business more efficiently while optimizing their classrooms, connecting with families, and empowering staff. 

For media inquiries, please contact Alissa Vogelsang.

Press Contact: Alissa Vogelsang | Marketing Manager, Events and Communication | Alissa.vogelsang@kangarootime.com 

Company Contact: Kangarootime | info@kangarootime.com | 716-261-9889 


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