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Marissa Schneggenburger

Procare Software Replacement: Comparison and Feature Overview 

  • September 27, 2023

Childcare management software is essential for centers when it comes to automating processes and reducing administrative tasks. Childcare software can also help you enhance family relationships and help you effectively manage your team. When finding the software that’s right for you, it’s important to research multiple platforms and understand possible pros and cons. If you’re looking to switch from or replace Procare software, Kangarootime might be a good fit for you. Keep reading for more information on Kangarootime in comparison to Procare. 


Kangarootime offers custom enrollment forms, waitlist management, open spot forecasting, and more. Attendance tracking gives you insight into where each child is at all times, and who they are with, ensuring your center is secure and compliant. Keep track of ratios using our classroom management tools and automate check-in for fast and safe drop-off and pick-up. 

Parent Engagement and Communication 

Kangarootime’s Parent App, KT Connect provides a connected and user-friendly experience for families. In one app, they can check their child in, see their daily activities, view photos and videos, pay their bills, and communicate with staff. They can even re-enroll in programs and book last-minute spots with drop-in care.  

Billing and Invoicing 

If you’re used to Procare’s billing capabilities, you’ll love Kangarootime’s suite of financial features. Kangarootime allows you to capture revenue faster through autopay and automated invoicing. Robust reporting and analytics allow you to save time and gain more insight into your center’s finances and revenue cycle.  

Classroom Management 

Save your educators time and make their jobs easier by equipping them with classroom management tools. Kangarootime replaces Procare by allowing educators to record daily notes, track attendance, and communicate with staff and families right from their tablets. Improve your teacher’s work experience by giving them more time to focus on the children. 

Staff Management 

One software platform allows you to do it all. Manage your team right from Kangarootime’s system through scheduling, time-off requests, timelogs, and more. Staff members have access to their own app which allows them to clock in and out, view their schedules, request time off, and more. If you have staff members that work across multiple centers, our systems can accommodate that. Team members can float between locations and their credentials automatically generate an employee profile at a new center.  

Customer Service and Support 

Change isn’t easy but our team is here to help. We pride ourselves on superior customer service and support. With Kangarootime, you get a dedicated account manager to walk you through the onboarding process. We help you set up the system, train you on each feature, and answer your questions along the way. Our knowledge base and support team are always there to help you through your journey. With Kangarotime, you will have access to a live person when facing any issue you may have.   

Making a switch from Procare to Kangarootime can seem daunting but our team is here to help. Kangarootime’s childcare software offers a range of features to help support your center and improve your operations. Our technology is reliable and continuously being improved. Schedule a demo to see the product in action.  

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