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Marissa Schneggenburger

The Benefits of Offering Drop-in and Flexible Care at Your Childcare Center 

  • February 2, 2024

Over half of today’s families are dual income, meaning both parents work to maintain the household in addition to caring for children. (bls.gov) This means that parents heavily rely on childcare. With busy and changing schedules, having the option of flexible or drop-in childcare can be a huge benefit for families. In fact, of working mothers, 40% of them report that a lack of childcare impacts their careers. (flexjobs.com) Additionally, an APA study found that 72% of working parents were stressed based on disruptions and uncertainty about school and childcare schedules. (forbes.com) With additional options for care, families can thrive. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of offering drop-in and flexible care at your childcare center and what that means for your school, staff, and families.  

Increases Enrollment  

Offering flexible scheduling and last-minute care options attracts a wide range of families to your center. These added features will help increase enrollment and revenue at your school while optimizing capacity without incurring additional staffing charges. 

Boosts Revenue 

With more students and the availability of last-minute bookings, your school’s revenue will increase. Many centers charge a premium for flexible care due to the unpredictable nature which helps ensure the school’s success. 

Provides an Added Convenience for Parents 

One of the main benefits of drop-in care is the convenience it brings to parents. Family schedules can change quickly and being able to rely on childcare is a major help. Flexible care helps alleviate the stress that comes with managing appointments, errands, and family emergencies. Offering flexible care helps build trust and improves relationships with the families you serve.  

Introduces a Competitive Advantage 

If you’re looking for ways to help your school stand out, flexible care can be a huge competitive advantage. Drop-in care will help differentiate your center from other schools that only offer full-time or part-time enrollment. This added feature will attract more families to your school due to the value you offer.  

Optimizes Capacity 

Being able to fill all available spots in your center will help optimize your capacity and revenue without additional staffing charges. With drop-in care, you can remain compliant and in ratio while offering valuable convenience to parents and improving the financial viability of your business. 

Incorporating drop-in and flexible care options can be a strategic decision for childcare centers looking to meet the ever-changing needs of families and create a more inclusive childcare environment. 

Looking to get started? See how Kangarootime’s software accommodates drop-in care here! 

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