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Marissa Schneggenburger

The Future of Childcare Center Security 

  • September 12, 2023

Now more than ever, prioritizing safety is essential for early learning centers. With the increased threats of violence against schools, childcare providers are looking for tools to increase security at their centers. Technological advancements, like camera streaming systems, have made it possible to detect threats sooner, allowing centers to be proactive.  

Using these tools, children are safer, centers are more secure, and parents have peace of mind. Companies like PB&J TV are building innovative new technologies focused on safety for children. Keep reading to learn more about their mission, their systems, and how their new application is the future of childcare center security. 

About PB&J TV 

PB&J TV has created the #1 camera system and streaming app for childcare centers. Their mission is to enhance the safety and security of childcare centers, daycare, and preschools to give peace of mind to administrators and families. With their advanced AI functionality, PB&J TV is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to creating safer learning environments for children. 

Innovation in AI 

Using artificial intelligence, PB&J TV has been able to create tools that detect threats faster. Their new Real Time Gun Threat AI “is a cloud-based application using the most advanced AI technology to proactively detect and simultaneously alert schools and local authorities of any approaching gun threats to their center.” (newsfilecorp.com) This technology uses advanced algorithms and analysis to identify objects resembling firearms through PB&J TV’s streaming system. If a threat is detected, a certified monitoring station is notified. If a threat is confirmed, the authorities are contacted immediately. The Threat AI functionality allows schools to be proactive in their threat response, reducing the risk of violence, saving time, and saving lives.  

Kangarootime’s Integration with PB&J TV 

At Kangarootime, we’re proud to partner with organizations like PB&J TV which understands the importance of improving the early education experience. Kangarootime’s software platform seamlessly integrates with PB&J TV to combine the two most important tools for running your childcare business. With this integration, childcare providers eliminate manual data entry, simplify the attendance tracking process, and ensure parents only have access to video streaming if their child is checked in for the day. Having these two systems work together saves administrators time, ensures each process is secure, and provides a better experience for families. Learn more about PB&J TV and our integration here. 

The new age of technology has brought invaluable tools and resources that create a safer learning environment for children while identifying threats sooner and giving caregivers more control. Taking advantage of these tools can help improve the value of your childcare business and have the potential to save lives. To get started, book a call with PB&J TV here. 

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