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Marissa Schneggenburger

How to Use Technology to Optimize Staff Schedules in Childcare 

  • December 15, 2023

Scheduling childcare staff can be a headache, especially with call-offs, changing roles, and ratio requirements. Trying to create staff schedules manually can be even harder. By using technology and tools like Kangarootime, you can simplify staff schedules, create a seamless employee experience, and ensure your center is compliant.  

In this article, we’ll outline ways that technology can help your scheduling process. To learn how to optimize your childcare staff schedules, keep reading. 

Use an Employee Scheduling App 

Childcare apps and software can help schedule and track employees at your center. With systems like Kangarootime, you can see exactly how many staff members you need per classroom and schedule accordingly, even if that means scheduling team members across multiple centers. You can even track time-off requests and hours worked to help avoid overtime.  

Using a software program not only makes scheduling easier for administrators but also provides a better experience for employees. For example, Kangarootime users have access to a staff app that shows your team when they’re scheduled to work, allows them to submit time off, and lets them clock in and out of your center.  

Take Advantage of Staff Communication Tools 

Schedules are not always accurate and unexpected changes can occur. By using one system to set schedules and communicate changes, you can save time, provide a centralized experience, and ensure your center is fully-staffed and compliant.  

Use your childcare management system and its messaging features to communicate with employees within your center. With Kangarootime, you can send out Bulletin Board messages to reach all staff members and notify specific employees when necessary. Keeping your entire center informed makes it easier to run your childcare business, keep your employees happy, and provide a better care experience. 

Utilize Data and Analytics 

Data, analytics, and reporting can give your school insight into staff utilization across your centers. In Kangarootime’s dashboards, you can see child occupancy per classroom and track attendance, giving you insight into how many staff members you need per room and when. These insights can help signal you to make better decisions and run a more efficient business.  

By using technology, you can save time scheduling staff and provide a better experience for your employees. Having optimized schedules will help reduce payroll costs, increase quality of care, and ensure your schools are compliant and in ratio. To get started with a staff scheduling system like Kangarootime, click here. 

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