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Marissa Schneggenburger

Childcare Management: A Comprehensive Guide for Daycares, Preschools, and Childcare Centers   

  • August 11, 2023


Effective childcare management helps ensure the success and growth of childcare businesses. Daycare, preschools, and childcare centers face the challenges of managing family relationships, processing billing and payments, retaining and attracting staff, and ensuring children are properly cared for. With all of these tasks, having a streamlined and organized management process is essential. By automating processes, childcare providers can save hours each week in order to improve their business and focus on the children in their care. 

Section 1: Key Elements of Childcare Management 

Staff Management 

Staff management encompasses all aspects of hiring, retaining, training, and onboarding employees.  

Hiring and Retaining 

Recruitment and hiring are crucial components of childcare management. By hiring the right people using different strategies including asking the right questions and having accurate job descriptions, you can ensure a stronger staff and a more productive center. 

When it comes to retaining staff, creating a strong culture and providing them with the digital tools to help them succeed is necessary. 

Staff Onboarding 

When bringing new employees to your center, provide them with the right tools and resources to make onboarding a breeze. A helpful way to organize and streamline your onboarding process is by digitizing your materials.  

Once your onboarding process is optimal, ensure your employees are up to date on company policies by sharing your staff handbook. This should outline any key policies and procedures your staff need to adhere to at your center. 

To finish your onboarding process, make sure you completed each step in this checklist.  

Staff Training & Development  

Professional development is crucial in childcare for continuous improvement and education. Provide training and development opportunities to staff members at little or no cost to ensure your center has high quality staff. These can include webinars, conferences, local events, online courses and more. 

Staff Scheduling  

Efficiently scheduling staff ensures proper revenue allocation, compliance in ratios, and also results in less stress and burnout for childcare providers. Childcare management software can digitize and automate this process to make scheduling faster and easier. Staff can even request time off and clock out for breaks.  

Enrollment and Registration 

Your child enrollment and registration process should be seamless and organized. Digitizing and streamlining these processes will help capture revenue faster, bring more children to your center, and provide parents with a better experience. 

Streamlining the Enrollment Process 

Using a childcare management software, you can easily streamline the enrollment process, saving staff and families time. A key aspect of improving your enrollment process is to outline each of your policies and procedures. This gives parents clear expectations when enrolling their children and ensures child registration moves quickly. 

Increasing Enrollment 

Increasing enrollment at your childcare center(s) starts with reputation management. Using social media, reviews, feedback, and open houses, you can garner increased interest from prospective families. After improving your enrollment process, you’re more likely to retain families that had a positive experience. 

Compliance with Legal and Licensing Requirements  

By managing enrollment and registration digitally, you’ll have an easier time remaining compliant and avoiding infractions. Childcare management software can help you better track ratios, attendance, check-ins, and more. 

Curriculum Planning and Implementation 

Tracking Milestones 

Tracking developmental milestones of children helps ensure your center is providing quality care and an exceptional experience for parents while ensuring potential developmental delays in children are caught early. As developmental milestones are key indicators of a child’s health it’s important to monitor these milestones to help parents and families understand if a child is developing as expected and plan early intervention if necessary.  

Below are free, downloadable milestone trackers for young children. 

Milestone Tracker for Children Aged 2-6 Months 

Milestone Tracker for Children Aged 6-9 Months 

Milestone Tracker for Children Aged 9-12 Months 

Milestone Tracker for Children Aged 12-18 Months 

Milestone Tracker for Children Aged 18-24 Months 

Parent Communication and Engagement 

Establishing Effective Communication Channels 

To improve parent engagement, you need to meet families where they’re at. Communicate with them through in-app messaging, emails, and texts. To ensure communication is clear, provide families with their parent handbook which should outline all important policies and procedures. 

Providing Regular Updates 

Keep parents in the loop using parent messaging and communication features from your childcare management features. Digitial communication makes it easier for both parents and staff to connect. Using digital daily notes throughout the day is a quick and easy way to keep families informed on their child’s care. 

Involving Parents in Childcare Activities and Events 

A great way to build partnerships with parents and families is by hosting events. These can be field trips, local fundraisers, PTA meetings, charitable events, meet and greets, workshops, or trainings. 

Administrative Tasks and Financial Management 

Record-keeping and Documentation 

Tracking documents is essential for childcare center management. Whether it’s for compliance or health and safety, tracking proper family records is necessary. Using childcare software, administrators can eliminate this tedious task by storing everything digitally. 

Billing and Payment Management 

Billing and payments play a huge role in daycares and preschools. This encompasses tuition rates, billing cycles, payment methods, payment collection, reconciliations, and more. This guide to billing and payments outlines everything a childcare provider needs to know to manage billing and payments at their center.  

Budgeting and Financial Planning 

Building a budget at your childcare center can ensure you remain profitable and increase revenue. Start by outlining all of your expenses and your expected income. Use a modeling tool to understand how changes to enrollment and staffing can affect your bottom line. 

Section 2: Tools and Technology for Childcare Management 

Utilizing tools and technology can help make managing a childcare center, daycare, or preschool easier. 

Childcare Management Software 

Benefits of Using Dedicated Software 

Childcare software is invaluable when it comes to the management of your center. With a dedicated platform, you’ll be able to see benefits such as saving time, improving parent communication, better managing staff, and making informed business decisions. 

Features to Look for in Childcare Management Software 

The top features to look for in a childcare management software include automated billing, parent engagement, staff management, classroom management, enrollment, and reporting. 

Case Studies and Success Stories 

Kangarootime focuses on service and support. As a result, we have happy customers! Hear how we helped Discover Fun Camp transform their business. 

Communication and Collaboration Tools 

Online Portals for Parents and Staff 

Providing online access to family or staff information enhances their experience. With software, your families and staff will have access to an app and/or an online portal where they can pay their bill, monitor their children’s activities, view their schedules, request changes, and more. 

Messaging Apps for Instant Communication 

Using your childcare management software, you can communicate instantly with staff and families. This keeps everyone at your center connected while offering peace of mind in case of emergencies. Being able to quickly share important information makes operations easier for administrators and increases trust among staff and families. 

Attendance Tracking Systems 

Automated Attendance Tracking Solutions 

Childcare management software simplifies check-in and check-out to automate attendance tracking, saving you time, keeping your center secure, and ensuring you remain compliant. 

Integration with Billing and Payroll Systems 

Software like Kangarootime integrates with payroll systems to make staff management seamless. In addition to a robust billing system, everything you need to manage your payments is all in one place. 

Enhancing Security and Child Safety 

Choosing software that integrates with safety tools such as PB&J TV and Kisi door locks can enhance security at your center. You’ll be able to keep an eye on children, stay compliant, lock your doors in case of emergencies, and secure access. 

Section 3: Best Practices for Effective Childcare Management 

Staff Training and Professional Development 

Importance of Ongoing Training and Certifications 

Ongoing training is essential not only for a quality childcare center but also for licensing and compliance. Encourage your staff to stay on top of their certifications to avoid any potential issues. 

Building a Culture of Continuous Learning 

Create a positive, inclusive culture at your center that focuses on high quality care and continuous improvement. Make sure your families and staff understand your mission and vision so they know where their focus should be. 

Encouraging Professional Growth and Career Advancement 

Providing professional development opportunities can help promote growth and continuous learning among your staff. Get involved in webinars, conferences, and local events to improve staff education. 

Creating a Safe and Stimulating Environment 

Implementing Health and Safety Protocols 

Creating a clean and sanitized environment helps mitigate the spread of germs and ensures the health of your children and staff. Outline health and safety protocols in the event of an illness so all parties are compliant. 

Promoting a Nurturing and Inclusive Atmosphere 

Make diversity, equity, and inclusion a priority in your center to maximize potential and attract more staff and families. 

Continuous Improvement and Evaluation 

Collecting Feedback from Parents and Staff 

Asking for feedback shows you value the opinions of your parents and staff. Regularly ask for ways to improve through reviews, a suggestion box, etc. This is the easiest way to show your commitment to continuous improvement while identifying the most important areas of your business that can be improved. 

Using Data to Identify Areas for Improvement 

Data is essential when it comes to understanding and growing your business. Reporting and analytics can help you understand where your revenue is coming from, how your tuition rates can affect your bottom line, any trends or patterns among staff and families, and so much more. Use your childcare management software’s analytics tools to understand data and identify areas for improvement. 


Effective childcare management results in a thriving childcare center, daycare, or preschool. Your staff will be happier and more likely to stay, your parents will build stronger relationships with your center and become ambassadors for your school, and your children will develop under high quality care. 

The best way to manage your childcare center is to use tools and technology like childcare management software. This software will save you time, help you make better decisions, improve center quality, and provide a better experience for staff, families, and children.  

Technology plays a vital role in childcare as it automates time-consuming processes and provides more insight into ways to improve, saving providers time and allowing for an exceptional educational experience for the children. 

If your childcare center, daycare, or preschool is looking to provide high quality care and education to children, use these childcare management tips, tools, and technologies. 

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